CIP is used in every dairy on a daily basis, because unites, pipes etc. need to be cleaned. Normally, CIP works as follows:

1. product recovery
2. pre-rinse
3. detergent recirculation
4. intermediate rinse
5. second detergent recirculation (optional)
6. intermediate rinse
7. disinfection
8. final rinse

Here, a lot of chemicals are used which are expensive. The CIP system contains different buffer tanks where the solutions are stored for the next cleaning run until the solution becomes too dirty or ineffective. Then the highly contaminated solution is disposed and the chemicals are lost. The presented calculator is for those lost solutions.

Advantage: A recovery of such chemicals with applicable technology can save a lot of money. This calculator will estimate the potential savings when using a chemical recovery system. This calculator is based on the recovery of NaOH. Other chemicals may be calculated. Therefore, please contact our experts.

The SUSMILK CIP improvement calculator is based on the usage of membrane technology . The calculator is based on a single stage filtration system with parallel filtration modules that works after the retentate recycling principle and in cross-flow filtration mode.