Re-Design Of The Dairy Industry

for sustainable milk processing

Insights and solutions presented at
the SUSMILK final confrence!

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efficient processing technologies in the dairy sector.

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Innovative concepts and technologies for the supply of heat, cold, and power


Different heat transfer units are needed for the production of different consumer products from milk. The new high temperature heat pumping system designed in this project will allow utilizing waste heat into energy throughout a dairy where economic solutions are currently not available.

Absorption Chillers

Currently, refrigeration technology is mostly run by electric energy. The development of cooling devices on the basis of absorption chilling technology by using waste and solar heat will revolute the industrial facilities and let them become more independent from electricity providers.

Solar Heat Systems

The use of solar heat for room heating is well established. Solar heat collectors in industry sectors have to deliver higher temperature levels which is currently not state-of-the art. Solar heat is a renewable energy source and will thus save energy in significant amounts by replacing heat produced from fossil fuels.

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