Padua, Italy 16-17 April, 2015

SUSMILK partners participated in the project technical meeting at PARKER premises in Padua, Italy.

During the meeting partners presented progress in prototype construction and first results of on-site tests. Some updates from the heating and cooling technologies: SIMAKA has improved the heat pump design in terms of higher efficiency, Solarfocus developed an app for remote control of the biomass and solar heating system and Parker is going to build the chiller prototype.

Regarding innovative processes that are directly related to milk and dairy products: Fraunhofer has carried out filtration experiments with skim milk and raw milk and is developing the concentration demonstrator together with Acram. Also drying of concentrate was carried out, and dried milk concentrates have been investigated. According to analysis conducted by UNIPR, the resulting milk concentrates have good properties (chemical, rheologial, ...). NTNU carried out analyses of metabolites in concentrated milk samples to evaluate milk quality (e.g. coagulation).

LNEG is working at a waste water treatment concept for dairies, where waste concentration is also being evaluated. The use of Membrane Bioreactors can improve the process significantly. KTU, beside analysing biogas quality, illustrates a concept for optimization of biogas process for dairy waste water. Fraunhofer is investigating CIP treatments in order to recover chemicals and reduce operational costs. NTNU analized also if CIP and wastewater samples can be used for fermentation.

Fraunhofer presented an overall generic dairy model that can allows to look for detailed consumptions in several processing steps of relevant streams. The online simulation tool will be based on this model, covering mass flows, energy flows and physical properties. Data in terms of water, energy and cooling demand are being collected by ESU and RICHTVERT in order to perform sustainablity and exergy analysis; life cycle inventory of new technologies will be used to describe LCA scenarios for different product lines.

Experts willing to share their knowledge about resource efficient solutions in milk processing are invited to register at, the open innovation platform for a future oriented green dairy. It will be presented to the dairy industry during the Environment Conference of the IDF World Dairy Summit 2015 in Vilnius, where next SUSMILK TM24 will take place.