Top 5 Trends in Condo Interior Design

With the New Year just around the corner, many people will feel the need to redecorate and give their homes and offices a fresh new look. We mention offices because with remote working having become the norm during the pandemic, many have had to set aside a corner, or an entire room, as their workspace, and are at greater liberty to style it as they wish. Here are some of the trending condo interior design ideas that are worth considering as you look to revamp your home.  

One with nature

Image by milivigerova from Pixabay

The last couple of years have been highly restrictive to people. Lockdowns have meant being forced to remain indoors for extended periods. More so if you do not have your own yard where you can enjoy the outdoors. One of the best trends to come out of this, and likely to keep going, is bringing some of the outdoors in. From switching to sheerer curtains that allow more sunlight and fresh air to penetrate to introducing indoor plants, there are various ways you can incorporate nature in your décor. Not only is it a pleasing aesthetic, but it also adds a touch of calmness and can boost your mood for the better. 

Textured Furniture

From woven rattan furniture to fluted glass panes, there has been a growing demand for textured furniture and fixtures. They provide a more three-dimensional experience and are appealing to those that love crafts. Incorporating this tactility in both indoor and outdoor spaces adds more distinct and visually interesting elements. You can easily start small by changing out light fixtures, rugs, or even trying some 3D wallpaper. 

Japandi Minimalism

Japandi has been trending the last couple of years and looks likely to keep up the momentum through 2022. It combines the Japanese aesthetic with modern Scandinavian design to create a timeless minimalist look. Focusing on just a few statement pieces that effortlessly blend ruggedness with sophistication the outcomes are often neutral yet comforting. Consider adding a little vibrancy to the often monochromatic schemes to create a focal point. The use of wood is common to both styles, which you can spice up by painting or staining to add a little contrast to your space. 

Checks and Stripes

Choose striped or checked patterns for your rugs, sofa throws, duvets and pillows. Even if you mix and match, it will make for a profound statement of control. A feeling that many feel they lost during these trying times. These patterns bring order and can be selected in a wide range of colours that will appeal to your sense of style. The symmetry and contemporary styling is a pleasant sight to behold and can be easily infused in various rooms in the home. 

Keep It Smart

Our interaction and dependence on technology have grown in recent times for obvious reasons. Not only does incorporating smart technology in our homes make life easier, but it is also more efficient and adds comfort. Whether you are home or not, you can better manage various activities with the use of smart devices. From checking on the contents of your refrigerator while on the way to your store to keeping tabs on your pets locked in the backyard, technology empowers us to live more efficiently and safely. Upgrade your home with multifunctional appliances and remote monitoring tech that are internet-connected for easy access. You can find a range of designs in the market that though modern, can comfortably blend in with more classic motifs. 

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